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Sailboat 30' C&C $22,000.00

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Sailboat C&C 30 foot 1974 $22,000.00
Includes sails and Atomic 4 inboard gasoline engine gasoline, runs good . It has shore power hook up 110 Volt 30 Amp as well as solar power 50 Watt at 12 Volt DC. No trailer.
Call Robert Colee Six Seven Eight 887 2216 (678) 887-2216 for appointment.
Located at Aqualand Marina

Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 30.00' / 9.14m LWL: 24.92' / 7.60m
Beam: 10.00' / 3.05m Listed SA: 459 ft2 / 42.64 m2
Draft (max.) 5.00' / 1.52m Draft (min.) 
Displacement: 8000 lbs./ 3629 kgs. Ballast: 3450 lbs. / 1565 kgs.
Sail Area/Disp.1: 18.42 Bal./Disp.: 43.12% Disp./Len.: 230.78
Designer: C&C
Builder: C&C Yachts (CAN)
Construction: FG Bal. type: Lead
First Built: 1973 Last Built: 1981 # Built: 800
AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.)
Make: various Model: 
Type: HP: 
I(IG): 39.00' / 11.89m J: 13.50' / 4.11m
P: 34.00' / 10.36m E: 11.50' / 3.51m
PY: EY: 
SA(Fore.): 263.25 ft2 / 24.46 m2 SA(Main): 195.50 ft2 / 18.16 m2
Sail Area (100% fore+main triangles): 458.75 ft2 / 42.62 m2
Sail Area/Disp.2: 18.41 Est. Forestay Length.: 41.27' / 12.58m
BUILDERS (past & present)
More about & boats built by: C&C Yachts
More about & boats designed by: C&C Design
C&C Yachts photo album
The C&C 30 Mk1, was in production for more than 12 years, longer than any other C&C model. 
During this period there were various small upgrades. 
The first boats came with a swept back, shark fin type keel/rudder configuration. 
In 1976 the rudder was changed from spade to a higher aspect shape. In 1978 the boom was raised a foot. 
Initially, the Universal Atomic 4 gas engine came as standard equipment. The QM15 Yanmar Diesel eventually became an option, up to hull no. 675. The QM was superseded by the Yanmar 2GM beginning with no. 676; otherwise, the remaining changes were minor.The dinette table support changed from a vee support to a post; the windows changed from the original aluminum frame type to an integrated, smoked plexiglass unit glued directly into the cabin structure. In an attempt to find the ideal bushing for the rudder post, various types were incorporated into the rudder tube over the years; and various minute detailing changes were made throughout the boat, especially in interior teak detailing. 
All 30s were built in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.